Pick ’Em Up and Move ’Em

Pick your feet up and move!

How often has someone at a writers conference said she hasn’t started actually writing anything yet, because she isn’t sure exactly what the Lord wants her to write?

Are you standing paralyzed on the brink of a career choice, afraid to take a step until you’re absolutely, positively sure what God has in mind for you?

Hmm… Maybe while you’re waiting on God, God is waiting on YOU.

Yes, pray for guidance. But don’t stop there. Pick up your feet, or your pen, or whatever tool of your trade you need, and move it! You might be surprised at the direction the Lord takes you in, once you show your commitment with a bit of action.

I’m adding my prayers to yours, right now. 🙂



Following the Lord’s Path


Photo of a yellow sign post with an arrow pointing down a trail in the woods
“This is the road! Now follow it.” – Isaiah 30:21 (CEV)


The Lord is kind, and as soon as he hears your cries for help, he will come. You will again see the Lord, your teacher, and he will guide you. Whether you turn to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice saying,“This is the road! Now follow it.”

From Isaiah 30:19—21 (CEV)

You have no idea how fitting this verse is for the very first post of my brand new blog!

Yes, even in such a mundane matter as setting up an author website, the Lord heard my cries for help and graciously drew me back to the right path—the path he had chosen for me.

Advice from the Experts

If you’re a writer yourself, you’ve heard the sage counsel: If you want readers (or editors or agents or publishers) to discover your writing, you must have a serious website! Probably the gurus of every profession, interest group, and cause are hammering the same message. It makes sense. Nowadays the Internet is where everyone looks for all kinds of information and products. And I want people looking for the kind of material I write (hymns and faith songs, Christian dramas and skits, poetry, devotionals, puppet ministry how-tos, even mystery fiction) to find my work, don’t I?

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