Transformed: 5 Resurrection Dramas

This collection of one-act plays uses drama, humor, and music to explore how the people closest to Jesus Christ were transformed by his resurrection.

The premises are fictional but the people were real:

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Simon Peter, Transformed: Resurrection Drama #1
Comedy/light drama. The apostle Simon Peter appears on a secular television talk show. He and Andrew, his brother, reveal that Simon Peter was transformed by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from an impulsive, panic-prone follower of Christ to a Christian leader worthy of his nickname, the Rock.
One act, approximately half an hour.
Cast: 2 M, 1 M/F.

Mary the Mother of Jesus, Transformed: Resurrection Drama #2
Light drama. After Jesus’ death, his mother reveals the miraculous circumstances of Jesus’ birth to the apostle John. Hearing that Jesus’ tomb is empty, Mary immediately understands that her son has risen from the dead, transforming her from giver of earthly life to receiver of eternal life.
One act, approximately half an hour.
Cast: 2 M, 2 F, plus M/F extras.

Mary Magdalene, Transformed: Resurrection Drama #3
Monologue, heavier drama, with three optional solo songs. (Hear them on the Transformed Audio page.) Guest speaker/singer Mary Magdalene, from whom Jesus cast out seven demons, describes how Jesus healed, loved, and ultimately transformed her.
One act, approximately twenty-five to forty minutes, depending on music choices.
Cast: 1 F.

James the Brother of Jesus, Transformed: Resurrection Drama #4
New! Two versions.
1. Musical version. Broad comedy/drama, with 5 simple ditties. James tries to give his faith testimony on a Christian talk show, but gets drawn into a dispute over his identity as the brother of Jesus Christ. James explains how the resurrection of Jesus made him a believer at last and transformed their relationship into one of servant and Lord.
One act, approximately half an hour.
Cast: 1 M, 3 M/F, plus one optional M/F non-speaking part.
2. Interview version. James explains his conversion from skeptic to believer. Ten minutes; 1 M, 1 M/F

John the Apostle, Transformed: Resurrection Drama #5
Dramatic monologue. Shortly after receiving the news that his brother, James, has been executed by King Herod, visiting preacher John the Apostle describes how his family’s hopes for special honors in the coming kingdom of God were transformed by the death and resurrection of Jesus.
One act, approximately 20 minutes.
Cast: 1 M.

Or get all five in one book (see below for ordering information).

Cast sizes are small and staging requirements are minimal, making these scripts easy and economical to produce.

Book purchase includes noncommercial performance rights for churches and nonprofit groups.

Serving Suggestions

  • Church drama groups: Perform all five of these short plays as a series of after-dinner programs for the Easter season or any time of year. The variety of drama/comedy/music and settings (okay, and the food) will keep audiences coming back for more.
    My local churches, for example, hosted a weekly soup-and-study series during Lent. That’s where the Transformed series was born.
  • Actresses: Fly your Christian colors at theater auditions with a dramatic excerpt from Mary Magdalene’s monologue.
  • Pastors: Present John the Apostle’s monologue in lieu of the corresponding scripture passages and sermon.
  • Small groups and individuals: Read the plays for an enjoyable, thought-provoking addition to your discussions and private devotion time.
  • Buyers and gift-givers: Buy 6 copies for your church. That’s enough to do all five plays if the cast and director of each play reuse the same books. (I won’t protest if you buy everyone a personal copy.)

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2 thoughts on “Transformed: 5 Resurrection Dramas

  1. Dear Linda,
    A friend of mine gave me the book “21 Days of Christmas” as a gift last week, and this morning I read your story “The Last Ember”. This story was a reminder for me of my own attempt at suicide many years ago and how God saved my life too. Since that time, He has totally flipped-turned-my-life-upside-down in a most wonderful way, and the reminder of that very low point in my life and the subsequent transformation was very encouraging for me today. Thank you, Linda!
    May God continue to bless you bunches as you surrender to His direction every day!
    Knowing God and Making Him Known,
    Dianna Bariou

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Dianna. A story like The Last Ember might sound cheesy and unrealistic, but you’re living (thank God!) proof that the Lord really does offer rescue to desperate souls. I’m glad it gave you a chance to remember and rejoice. And I hope it encourages others to act with compassion toward the struggling ones.
      Blessings galore,
      P.S. Please share your thoughts on the book’s forum, if you haven’t already done that. There are so many people who need to hear from someone who came out the other side of desperation, by God’s grace.

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