Songs for the Lord

Songs for the Lord: A Book of Twenty-Four Original Songs in a Mix of Traditional and Contemporary Styles [Kindle Edition]

This is a small collection of my earliest songs. All have melodies as well as lyrics written by yours truly. Some of the 24 songs are specifically Christian in content. All express faith in the Lord God.

Important note: The scores in this book do not include SATB parts, harmonization, or accompaniment. A few do include chords. Updated versions of some songs from Songs for the Lord appear with full musical settings in the new collection, Now Sings My Soul: New Songs for the Lord.

Use the songs, or just the lyrics, in:

  • Church worship services
  • Inspirational music programs
  • Private devotions

Download the complete song list with themes and performance notes here:
Songs for the Lord song directory – PDF

Listen to simple melody playbacks of each song here:
Audio Page

The range of traditional and contemporary styles includes:

  • Hand-clapping gospel
  • Intimate prayer songs
  • Congregational hymns
  • Musical sermons
  • Humorous material for a troubadour-style performer

Each song features:

  • Score
  • Text section from which lyrics can be copied and pasted for church bulletins and newsletters, projection screens, etc.
  • Relevant Bible verses

Purchasers of the electronic version can download the sheet music in printable PDF format at no extra cost.

You can check out more details, read some of the five-star reviews, download a free sample, or buy the Kindle version of Songs for the Lord on Amazon:

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