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Songs written for the Bible study book Were You There When They Crucified Our Lord? Meditations on Calvary are set to tunes in the public domain. The tune names (in CAPS) and composers are noted. Some tunes have been altered to suit the new lyrics.

The computer-generated accompaniment files play each song’s refrains and repeats exactly as written after a brief intro, so you can open your book to the score or lyrics and follow along through all the verses.

Rehearsal files are provided for the solo, duet, and round songs. The rehearsal tracks emphasize the voice parts with oboe, to help singers learn the melody.

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God Be with You till We Meet Again  (GOD BE WITH YOU; Tomer)
[accomp MP3]  [accomp MIDI]

Jesus, Please Remember Me  (SOLID ROCK; Bradbury)
[accomp MP3]  [accomp MIDI]
See the live recording below.

My God, Why  (TIME STANDS STILL; Dowland)
[accomp oboe+viol MP3]   [accomp oboe+viol MIDI]
[accomp oboe+viol+guitar MP3]  [accomp oboe+viol+guitar MIDI]
[rehearsal MP3]  [rehearsal MIDI]

Note: The guitar part used in the above accompaniment was converted via MuseScore from David Fraser’s midi file for lute (CPDL #17381).

A variety of other accompaniments for “Time Stands Still” can be heard on YouTube and other web sites. Here is a simple guitar arrangement for “My God, Why” based on a charming recording of Dowland’s tune by Jon Sayles.
[accomp MP3]

O My God, Please Tell Me Why  (ST. GEORGE’S WINDSOR; Elvey)
[accomp MP3]  [accomp MIDI]
[rehearsal MP3]  [rehearsal MIDI]

Roll the Stone Away  (ST. GERTRUDE; Sullivan)
[accomp MP3]  [accomp MIDI]

We Were All There (WERE YOU THERE; African-American spiritual)
[accomp MP3]  [accomp MIDI]

Were You There  (WERE YOU THERE; African-American spiritual)
[accomp MP3]  [accomp MIDI]

Where Are You, My God  (LIGHT OF THE WORLD; Bliss)
[accomp MP3]  [accomp MIDI]

Where Were the Twelve  (GERMANY; Gardiner’s Sacred Melodies)
[accomp MP3]  [accomp MIDI]

Where Were the Twelve (TALLIS’ CANON; Tallis)
[rehearsal MP3]  [rehearsal MIDI]

A canon is a song sung as a round. Various arrangements are possible, depending on the number of voices. Sing a cappella or with accompaniment. Chords are noted on the score.

I like this arrangement of a hymn set to the tune TALLIS’ CANON, performed by the Miller family. It starts with the entire first verse in one voice (which could be a single person or a group singing in unison). The second verse brings in a second voice, starting at mark 3 on the “Where Were the Twelve” round score. The third verse adds a voice starting at mark 2. Each verse is completed before the first voice moves on to the next verse. This conveys the message more clearly than looping the verses continuously like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

Who Is This Man  (LAZARUS/KINGSFOLD; early English melody)
[rehearsal MP3]  [rehearsal MIDI]
This solo is best sung either with live accompaniment or a cappella, not with a static accompaniment track. Check out the live recording below.

Live recordings

Listen to examples of wonderfully expressive renditions from the first presentation of the “Were You There” Bible study.

Who Is This Man
The lyrics have been revised since this was recorded, but you’ll get the idea. Accompanying himself on guitar, Emrys Tyler varied his timing and dramatic styling to convey a rich range of emotion as the narrative unfolded.
Be forewarned: The 13 verses took about 10 minutes as Emrys performed it (on very short notice, I might add. Thanks, Emrys!).

Jesus, Please Remember Me
This one is a mere 3 verses; also sung by Emrys Tyler.

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Please do not copy the link to one of these audio selections onto another website. Instead, please share a link to this page, using the following URL http://www.LindaBonneyOlin.com/audio.

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