Transformed: 5 Resurrection Dramas

Mary Magdalene, Transformed

  1. See How Far I Have Fallen (Theresa Olin, soloist)
    Tune: ES IST EIN ROS (Praetorius)
  2. O Lord, Whose Touch Once Made Me Whole (Theresa Olin, soloist)
    Tune: ST. MARGARET (Peace)
  3. Oh, How You Love Me, Jesus (A cappella; Theresa Olin, soloist)
    Tune: O MIO BABBINO CARO (Puccini)
  4. Oh, How You Love Me, Jesus (Instrumental playback)
    Tune: HYFRYDOL (Prichard)

Note: Updated versions of #3 and #4 appear in Now Sings My Soul: New Songs for the Lord.

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