Songs for the Lord~Audio

The MP3 files for Songs for the Lord play each song’s refrains and repeats exactly as published in the book, so you can follow along through all the verses. You’ll hear the melody line without chords or vocals unless otherwise stated.

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  • Updated versions of some songs in this book appear in Now Sings My Soul: New Songs for the Lord with full accompaniment and/or with new musical settings. Check the Now Sings My Soul Audio page (some song titles have been changed a bit).
  1. Before Us, Alive!    (Before Us, Alive! sheet music – PDF *)
  2. Don’t Be Afraid
  3. Dyin’ to See Heaven
  4. Family Circle of God
  5. Get a Grip on Me, O Lord
  6. I Need a Real Superhero
  7. In the Armor of God
  8. Is There Room at the Cross?
  9. Jeremiah’s Song of Hope
  10. Jesus Has a Sense of Humor (For solo guitarist. As indicated on the sheet music, the pause between verses will be filled with spoken words and improvised strumming.)
  11. Lois’s Song of Praise
  12. Maybe Yes, Maybe No
  13. My Footprints on Your Life
  14. My Forever Lord
  15. One Day Every Knee Will Bow
  16. Only Then
  17. People of God Keep Grumbling
  18. Sin Is God’s, Not Ours, to Define
  19. The Open Door
  20. The Uphill Road
  21. Thy Will Be Done
  22. When the Nothing I Am Meets the Great I Am
  23. You Didn’t Just Give Us Light
  24. You Loved Me First

Copyright Information

Songs for the Lord © 2012 Linda Bonney Olin. All rights reserved.

Individuals, churches, and performing groups are permitted to download the Songs for the Lord audio files for the purpose of learning the songs and for personal enjoyment.

* PDF sheet music files provided here contain copyrighted material. Individuals are welcome to print a single copy for personal enjoyment. Churches may download and print a small number of copies for noncommercial use in a worship setting, providing the proper attribution and copyright notice are displayed.

Contact Linda Bonney Olin to request her written permission if you wish to use her music for any other purpose or in any other manner.

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