Audio of Song Melodies and Readings

Are you an ear musician trying to learn my songs? Need accompaniment for music in my Bible study books? Or just want to hear how the melodies sound?

Each of my books that feature music now has its own audio page where you can listen to instrumental playbacks, download accompaniment or rehearsal tracks, and/or enjoy vocal performances.

Please do not copy the link to one of these audio selections onto another website. Instead, please share a link to this page, using the following URL


Now Sings My Soul: New Songs for the Lord

Audio Page


Were You There When They Crucified Our Lord? Meditations on Calvary

Audio Page


Transformed: 5 Resurrection Dramas

Audio Page


Songs for the Lord 

Audio Page


Musical Settings for New Hymn Texts

 Audio Page 


Through Two Unblackened Eyes  Written and read by Linda Bonney Olin (c) 2012

Copyright Information

Works written by Linda Bonney Olin are copyrighted material. All rights reserved worldwide.

* PDF sheet music files provided here contain copyrighted material. Individuals are welcome to print a single copy for personal enjoyment. Churches may download and print a small number of copies for noncommercial use in a worship setting, providing the proper attribution and copyright notice are displayed.

Contact Linda Bonney Olin to request her written permission if you wish to use her music for any other purpose or in any other manner.

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