New Year, New Ideas

Start hatching a new project

A reminder for my fine-feathered friends who need a little motivation to turn their writing-for-publication dreams into reality:

  • If you never start writing the first draft, you’ll never finish the manuscript.
  • If you never finish it, you’ll never submit it.
  • If you never submit it, you’ll never publish it.
  • If you never publish it, no one will ever read it.
  • If no one ever reads it … you, and your could-have-been readers, and the Lord who gave you the dream, will all miss out.

Same goes for all the other kinds of projects you’re still sitting on, writing-related and otherwise.

So don’t just sit there. Start hatching!

What are my new ideas?

  • Compile and publish a book of my hymn lyrics set to existing hymn tunes. I’ve got about 75 new ones, ready to get kicked out of the nest.
  • Develop a book and video tutorial to help other poets try their hands at writing hymn texts and setting their verse to music.
  • Finish my Christmas Eve cantata. That project’s been incubating for over ten years!
  • Last, but not least, do whatever my Holy GhostWriter scribbles on my to-do list.

What new projects are you hatching for the new year? Please share in a comment!



8 thoughts on “New Year, New Ideas

    • Sweet! You know you’ve “arrived” when you get a link on the CP&W blog! Thanks, Mary.
      Of course, my motivational speech was directed as much at myself as anyone else. My train of thought (let alone action) is very easily deraile–Oh look! Something shiny! Heh heh…

  1. What am I hatching? I’ve got to find the egg first 😉 But I do have a book I’m ready to shoo from the nest. Thanks for an encouraging word, Linda. Be blessed in all you set your mind and pen to! God has great plans for all of us…let’s do it!

    • You said it, Pat!
      No egg to hatch? I have the opposite problem: bright ideas that “lay an egg”! Fortunately, the Lord has a bottomless file of recipes to put those to good use, no matter how badly I’ve scrambled ’em.
      I’m excited to see your fledgling book take wing. Wings of eagles, even. God bless!

  2. Thanks so much Linda for posting this… It really touched a raw nerve in me. In a good way! My book THE LETTER must be published this year! Procrastination has gone on long enough! Yes, it’s my baby and I need to kick it out of the nest, give it wings to fly! God bless you for this inspired timely message!!

    • Sandra, I’m so glad God used this message to nudge you a little closer to the brink of the nest. 🙂
      If you have a moment, please tell us about your book, so we can help pray it into the right hands.

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